Training Objectives:

The agribusiness industry is increasingly becoming an important investment option for many foreign and local investors. Most of these new crop of agribusiness investors are city dwellers, professionals of different backgrounds (most do not have agricultural background). These investors leave their investments under the watch of families, friends or low-skilled care-takers or inexperienced farm managers, farm supervisors or sometimes with lead farmers. The story is normally the same at the end of the day; ‘disappointments and loss of investment’.

However, some individuals have also succeeded in managing agribusinesses from a distance and it is important to identify the common denominators in such situations and draw some important lessons that inform strategies of managing from a distance.

Managing from a Distance is an innovative course that has caught the attention of participants even outside the agribusiness industry. The programme:

  • Context analysis: reviews the cultural differences, soft and hard skills issues associated with the successes or failures in managing from a distance.
  • Review options of business models that could be adopted in the situation of managing from a distance to optimize productivity and revenues.
  • Tools and basic technologies that can support distant managers achieve objectives.

Who can participate in this training?

  • Entrepreneurs/Distant Business Owners,
  • General Managers,
  • Farm Managers,
  • Public and Private Extension Officers,
  • Technical Field Staffs of Development Organizations.

Training modes:

  • Presentations; review of cases,
  • Interaction with successful and experienced Distant Manager.

Potential Collaborating Institutions