1.Enterprise Management Courses
VMT001Vegetable Enterprise Management Training3 days21-23 Mar
VMT002Vegetable Enterprise Management Training -Advanced3 days5-7 Apr
SMT003Seed Enterprise Management Training5 days27-31 Aug
SMT004Shea Business Management Training4 days6-9 Feb
SMT005SME Agri-processing Business Management4 days5-8 Jun
2.Management & Leadership
APD006Agribusiness Plan Development3 days25-27 Jul
MAD007Managing Agribusinesses from a Distance1 day4-May
FMB008Farm Management Basics3 days7-9 Mar
3.Food and Nutrition
FSN009Food Security and Nutrition2 days27-28 Mar
4.Food Safety, Standards, Certification & Sustainability
ASC010Agro-commodity Standards and Certification Systems3 days28-30 Jun
SOC011Steps to Organic Certification3 days14-16 Mar
SAB012Sustainable Agriculture Basics 3 days17-19 Sep
5.Associations, Institutions & Organizations
AAM013Agribusiness Industry Associations Management4 days16-19 Apr
6.Agricultural Projects Management
APM014Agricultural Project Management3 days16-18 May
7.Production Courses
OPP015Organic Production Principles & Practices4 days28-31 May
PPC016Protected Production Course (Greenhouse, etc)2 days5-6 Nov
8.Processing of Agro-commodities
PCM017Parkhouse/Cold chain Management2 days6-7 Aug
ACP018Agro-commodity Packaging (Local & Export Market)2 days18-19 Jun
9.Supply Chain Development
MOS019Managing Outgrower Schemes3 days15-17 Aug
10.Agro-commodity Marketing
EXC020Export Coaching2 days25-26 Oct
MNP021Managing Nucleus Productions3 days1-3 Oct
UVC022Understanding Value Chains3 days26-28 Apr
11.Agribusiness Financing
AFM023Agribusiness Financial Management Training 3 days6-8 Sep
ALC024Agribusiness Loans & Credits Management 4 days9-12 Oct
12.Economics and Development
PPP025PPP and Agricultural Sector Development 3 days5-7 Jul
PEA026Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development 3 days16-18 Jul
13.Agri-Systems Management
UME027Understanding Modern Extension Systems 2 days14-15 Nov
14.Agribusiness Communication
ACJ028Agriculture Communication and Journalism 2 days10-11 Dec