Several challenges confront the agribusiness industry in Africa. AAMI has a faculty of experienced facilitators with outstanding experience in Africa and other parts of the world. By bringing participants from different parts of the continent with experiences from different commodity chains , AAMI encourages cross-learning and experience sharing.

All our short courses are developed using the CBT training approach which ensures that our trainees actively participate in the learning process to achieve defined learned objectives.

By these trainings: AAMI seeks to enable our training participants:

  1. Understand markets.
  2. Understand supply chains in Africa.
  3. Understand the forces that underlie agribusiness investments on the continent.
  4. Understand the process of enhancing supply chain efficiencies.
  5. Understand the social, economic and environmental paradigms shaping agribusiness in Africa.

 AAMI’s short courses are much tailored towards skill development rather than being management focused and thus suitable for entrepreneurs, middle management and operational staff.

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