The VEMT Masterclass provides participants a good overview of vegetable supply chains and markets. Participants are also equipped with a unique capacity to build stronger business models, systems and structures to fit their context in order to take advantage of the opportunities and manage underlying risks effectively. Participants shall gain knowledge on how to apply simplified strategic planning and execution tools in the management of the complex financial, production, quality management, pest management and weather challenges associated with vegetable production, postharvest and marketing.

Unlike the basic training that is production focused, the ‘Master Class’ is designed to cover:

  • Overview of the vegetable industry
  • Enterprise Leadership & Management Framework (ownership & governance),
  • Execution of strategic components of vegetable enterprise:
  • Organizing and executing the production functions of the enterprise (budgeting, inputs, labour, irrigation etc.)
  • Dealing with Human Resources needs of the Vegetable Enterprise.
  • Operations management
  • Dealing with Sales and Marketing
  • Basic Financial Management Practices.
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Enterprise performance management (translating data to access performance)
  • Managing growth.

Who can participate in this training?

Business Owners, Managers, Farm Managers & Supervisors, Public and Private Extension Officers, Technical Field Staffs of Development Organizations.

Training methods?

  • Class discussions, presentations and review of cases,
  • Industry visit.
  • Interaction with successful and experienced Farm Managers of selected companies.