This is a unique training opportunity designed to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs, farm managers/supervisors and farmhands who are seeking to acquire or improve their knowledge and skills in vegetable husbandry (production oriented), technologies and innovations. We expect participants who complete this course would be able to successfully executive well thought out production plans.

The course content shall include the following:

  • Understanding market requirements and product specifications.
  • Understanding production programs.
  • Nutrient and Soil management techniques.
  • Crop water needs management and irrigation programs.
  • Germination test and nursery management techniques.
  • Field establishment techniques.
  • Diseases and pests management techniques (IPM & Scouting).
  • Harvesting and post-harvest management techniques.
    Records keeping.

This is a Competency Based Training Program and shall involve class work, field work and exchange with experienced vegetable industry experts and successful vegetable industry entrepreneurs.


Who can participate in this training?

Business Owners/Managers, Farm Managers & Supervisors, Public and Private Extension Officers, Technical Field Staffs of Development Organizations.

Training methods?

  • Presentations, discussions/case reviews and group work and individual assessment.
  • Industry visits
  • Time with the Farm Supervisor.


  • Equatorial Capital Ventures (ECV)