Training Objectives:

Some antagonists of the organic movement have described organic production as synonymous to inefficient production and incapable of meeting the food and income security challenges facing Africa. Their argument is supported by the low productivity recorded on organic fields all around. Dwindling and rising cost of farm labour, depletion of soils, spread of viral diseases and other difficult to manage diseases (DtMD’s) and the impact of climate change and its attendant challenges further present challenges to organic farming

However, food quality challenges, rampart deforestation, pollution of environment including soils and water bodies resulting from excessive use of agrochemicals re-enforces the fact that, Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) present means to sustainable production and development. It is not surprising that the African Union Heads of States and Government Enacted Decision EX.CL/Dec.621 (XVII) to push for mainstreaming EOA in Africa.

AAMI has used the CBT approach to develop this training programme to:

  • Help participants understand the basic principles & practices of organic production.
  • Help participants formulate & implement Best Management Practices (BMP’s):
    1. Develop production schedules
    2. Do good planning for input, equipment and infrastructure utilizatins.
    3. Select land, soil management options, field layout/design, land preparation options.
    4. understand seed selection and seedling production,
    5. chose the right irrigation techniques and programmes,
    6. select best plant nutrition programmes and application techniques,
    7. understand field scouting techniques; pest/diseases management techniques/programmes,
    8. understand farm equipment calibration, usage and maintenance.

Who can participate in this training:

Organic Farmers, Input Companies, Research Officers, Officers of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Development Organizations etc. 

Training modes:

  • Class presentations, group work
  • Field demonstration,
  • Industry visit.