Training Objectives:

Farm Management, a hitherto simple management function has overtime become a  complicated one. There is a high demand on Farm Managers to increase productivity through application of improved technology in the phase of increasing risk e.g. due to climate change amongst others. With a sound understanding of the African production context, AAMI has developed this Farm Management Basic Programme to equip Farm Managers with the management skills & techniques to enable them plan and coordinate farm operations in an efficient manner.

The programme covers:

  • Management and Leadership basic,
  • Farm planning (budgeting, book keeping, accounting),
  • Production basics (plants and animal),
  • Post-harvest storage, transport and marketing,
  • Hiring and training of labour,
  • Farm equipment and infrastructure management,
  • Financing
  • Risk management
  • Innovations and Technology
  • Quality and quality certification basic

Who can participate in this training?

Business Owners, Farm Managers, Farmer Supervisors, Public and Private Extension Officers, Technical Staffs of Development Organizations.

Training methods?

  • Class discussions (case study) and presentations.
  • Interaction with successful and experienced Farm Manager.
  • Field visit.


  • Agricultural Technical & Vocational Education and Training Project (GIZ/ATVET)