Training Objectives:

Do you want to establish an agribusiness that last generations or the one that ends with you? Do you want your stakeholders to take you serious? Then, it is critical you put together an agribusiness plan. A business plan will enable you understand the business fundamentals (yields, margins, weakness, threats etc); define a strategic vision for the business; attract funding; attract the best team; whilst setting the basis for good business management.

This course will offer participants the opportunity to think through their businesses and be part of a participatory process to develop their own business plans.  The training shall specifically:

  • Provide the necessary tools and guide participants to analyse the industry within which they operate,
  • Set strategic objectives for the business,
  • Conduct market analysis and draw out a marketing plan,
  • Structure operational plans,
  • Human resource plan,
  • Management plan,
  • And finally, help participants analyse the financial performance of the business.

Who can participate in this training:

Current and prospective SME Owners (Producers, Processors, Marketers, Exporters etc.), Industry Association Executives, Farm Managers, Public and Private Extension Officers, Technical Staffs of Development Organizations.

Training methods:

  • Class discussions (business case), and presentations.
  • Interaction with successful and experienced SME on the importance of a business plan to the business.
  • Coaching session – development of draft business plan.